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Tenant Credit Check Service

Find out if your tenant's credit report and FICO score is good or really bad. Newcomers can sign up today and receive results within hours without having to undergo an onsite inspection. Our new credit decision report provides a professional assessment of your renter's ability to honor creditor obligations. Site inspected accounts are also available for official credit report access.


Find daily interest rates for purchasing & refinancing investment property and your house:
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Book Club

Read the best and easiest to read book for landlords.
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Foreclosed Homes
Look for great deals on local real estate foreclosures...

How much do you really know about Landlord-Tenant Law in your state?  more news releases Tenant Rights
Learn Everything U Need to Know... about your rights as a landlord and the rights of a tenant by visiting your local public library or bookstore to get a copy of American Landlord Law.